On Friday, June 12th, we will have a series of virtual Training & Development workshops...

That will allow participants to immerse themselves into the latest mindsets and technologies that mark the digital economy. These workshops are delivered in conjunction with our academic partner, LSBU Business School.

Offered Workshops:

        1. Blockchain for Enterprise

Participants will learn to tell the differences between real use-cases,  technically aspirational ideas and understand organisational hurdles.

They will also receive enough information to differentiate between the right tool sets depending on their requirements.

Participants will be able to set up their own centre of excellence within their organisation.

        1. The AI-Empowered Workforce

Participants will learn about recent developments in artificial intelligence and will learn to identify opportunities for producing operational efficiencies and augmenting workforces through the use of AI tools.

They will be put in a position to be able to assess the risks and benefits of applying AI tools in HR, training and development, and workflow optimisation, and will gain a solid understanding of important current business trends like AI, ML, and DL.

        1. Data-Driven Decision Making

Participants will learn to assess and model data to better use them for making informed decisions. They will be put in a position to accurately instruct data scientists to provide them with the outcome they require. They will also receive enough information to differentiate between the right tool sets depending on their requirements.

        1. The changing landscape of payment rails and Digital Assets

Participants will learn about the future of finance. Digital assets, the different types of assets, eg currency, tokens, stable coins, security tokens, CBDCs. Learn about real use cases that highlight the benefits and efficiencies of new payment rails, as well as current shortfalls of existing payment systems to allow for side by side comparisons. How to make payments more inclusive, and how you can expand outside of your local economy to a wider, international market.

        1. Mindfulness and Deep Life Hacks for Wellbeing, Productivity and Fulfillment

This course will introduce participants to a number of highly effective tools and techniques drawn from various traditional wellbeing and mindfulness schools, as well as the latest immersive technologies.

Participants will learn to apply these tools in everyday situations to improve their wellbeing, manage anxiety, sleep better, and transform stress into productivity. Taught principles and techniques are applicable in remote as well as office work settings and are conducive to improving employee health and employee fulfillment.

For more information or to reserve your spot, get in touch.

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