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The Hackathon

Why Join this Hackathon?

There will be a Hackathon that will build on the insights and experiences that were gained at the conference, to empower solutions and ventures built to tackle the pressing issues of our time.

When: exact dates to be announced ~ Fall 2020.

Where: Virtual, participate from anywhere in the world.

At #1Society we’re doing things a bit differently, because, let’s face it these times are different. As Einstein said, ‘doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result is madness”.

We cannot go back to normal!

 #1 Society – our virtual Hackathon event is organised at an international level and is now open to everyone from anywhere around the world. Whether you are a coder, designer, or just have great ideas to share, your skills and your contributions are needed!

Bringing tech and human potential together to create collective intelligence and solve global challenges.

You will be able to work with multi-disciplinary teams from all around the world, meet new people, and get prizes for finding amazing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing current challenges.

If your ideas have potential as a venture, you will also get all the support you need to take them forward and turn them to actual startups following the event. This will include introductions to investors and coaching and mentoring you to help you develop a perfect pitch and present your idea in a way that has good chances of securing support.


We’ve teamed up with a number of partners to make sure we’re able to take the most impactful ideas and solutions forward into the real world. In addition we are adding interesting prizes and further benefits for participants on a daily basis. Total value is exceeding $100,000.00 USD as of right now and growing daily! 

  • 1st Prize $5,000 in cash plus an additional $12,000 worth of coaching and mentoring and professional services.
  • 2nd Prize $3,000 in cash plus an additional $12,000 worth of coaching and mentoring and professional services.
  • 3rd Prize, $2,000 in cash plus an additional $12,000 worth of coaching and mentoring and professional services.
  • Winning teams will then be offered a virtual incubator programme to further strengthen their ideas. Part of this program will be:

    - More coaching to get to market readiness
    - Access to pre-seed and seed investments
    - Physical space in some of the coolest locations, such as London, or Palma de Mallorca
  • There will be many different opportunities to liaise with smart-money investors for strategic long- term growth.
  • Ten x £100 Amazon vouchers to be won over the weekend for a variety of exciting innovation challenges.
  • All Hackathon participants will also be able to apply for one of several digital training course scholarships with a total value of $50,000.00 USD.
  • Lastly, there is also being part of a community that’s actively involved with shaping a better future, that you can turn around and say during COIV-19 and the global lockdown, you stepped up to make a difference, you showed up.

Register for the Hackathon

There are 20 Challenges, which one are you ready to take on?


This stream will work on solutions and perspectives for a broader view of life on Earth that includes mental & physical health, ethics, mindfulness, biotech, agritech, human trafficking and domestic violence and medtech, circular and local economies, food, water, sustainability, and global migration.

  • What are better ways to make medical data available to doctors, insurances, individuals and the wider community?
  • How can we leverage tech, like blockchain and AI, to develop innovative solutions for basic universal healthcare cover, including remote solutions?
  • How could local, circular and sustainable businesses alternatives be supported with tech that works for them?
  • How could agritech and innovative food distribution be leveraged to help disadvantaged communities across the entire value chain from production to consumption?
  • How can we use tech to protect vulnerable people from human trafficking and domestic violence during pandemics and other unforeseen natural disasters or political turmoil?


Cities are the pulsating centres of global life in the 21st century. This stream looks at everything to do with urban development, mobility, the impact of the economic crisis on cities, sustainable living, renewable energies, and Smart Cities. 

  • How can new tech like blockchain, data, and AI be used to solve corruption and increase access to land and real estate?
  • How can smart city technology be used to decrease or remove segregation when building communities, reduce cost of living in cities, and provide better access to city infrastructure for the general population?
  • How can connected vehicles, decentralised ID (DID), and infrastructure innovation, positively respond to the mobility challenges faced by cities: accessibility, congestion, energy efficiency, emissions and safety?
  • How can resources like energy and water be managed better to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and recycle where possible?
  • How can urban development and regeneration processes effectively engage their citizens and communities to be more inclusive and participatory?


Unemployment has increased to historical levels overnight, while how we connect, communicate, and govern our societies is changing. This stream will look at Work 4.0, collaboration, decentralised standards, as well as governance, regulation, UBI, RegTech, LegalTech.

  • How can we build a more inclusive gig economy where there is improved access to opportunities and greater protection of workers well-being?
  • How can individuals be empowered to have access and ownership of their personal data, while enabling service providers and governments to seamlessly use this data to improve their services?
  • What solutions can local areas that do not have diverse industries adopt, for example due to overreliance on tourism, to develop a more varied and resilient economy?
  • How can peer-to-peer banking, fintech, and digital currencies contribute to a more vibrant economy which also allows the underbanked or unbanked to participate?
  • How can sovereign ID and decentralised ID be leveraged to better facilitate trans-national exchange and empower global citizenry?


The education sector is going through massive and unprecedented disruptions. Triggered by the crisis and our shift to virtual models of instruction, a marked acceleration of digital transformation is now notable in the entire sector. Topics such as AI-assisted learning, blockchain for credentialing, Smart Campus, virtual learning environments, VR/AR in education, and the future of the university system will be explored. 

  • How can AI, data, and predictive analytics be used to assist learning, facilitate assessment, forecast skills needed for the future, and improve the student experience in education to better equip them for successfully gaining employment post graduation?
  • How can universities adapt and evolve to provide community experiences and network benefits to their students in times of virtual delivery?
  • How can we create trusted records, DID’s, and credentialing for continuous learning and development across various education, career, care work, and voluntary activities?
  • How can immersive technologies advance education and professional learning and create new possibilities for continuous development?
  • How could we make education globally accessible by removing cost and technology barriers?

Hackathon FAQs

For participants

1Society offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with world renowned international speakers and allows intimate interactions across a global network, enabling you to make new connections from all walks of life, and help shape the future. After the online event, 1Society has organised this Hackathon to empower you to tackle the challenges based on the outcomes of the conference.

Our Hackathon aims at collectively developing ground-breaking ideas across a number of fields. There are five streams that are the targets for those ideas: 1LIFE, 1CITY, 1ECONOMY, 1EDUCATION, 1CULTURE.

 The official language of 1Society (event & hackathon) is English, so you will have to  be able to communicate in English.

Slack. Once you register for the hackathon you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information.

If you don’t have a team already, don’t worry. Once you join Slack you will be able to meet like minded people with complementary skills to build/join teams based on the challenge you wish to hack.

Team sizes need to be between 5 – 7 members.

Even better, your support will start before the hackathon even starts. We have allocated mentors for each stream who will provide mentorship and help through any difficulties you may face. With experts and mentors coming from different knowledge backgrounds, you will receive valuable tips and feedback. More information about the organisational structure will be provided as the event approaches.

The winning ideas will each receive a prize to help them take their idea to the next step, including coaching and mentoring.  As the ideas mature we will provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities. It will also be a starting point of a much longer collaboration between the teams and Syndikat Earth, the organisers of #1Society.

A timeline with further instructions and information will be published closer to the event date. Please ensure that you are following all the updates on Slack Channel.

To be able to participate throughout the hackathon weekend, to conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with our values. That is to be kind, considerate, leave any ego at the door. Problem solving focused. We can be tough on problems, while being kind with people.

We do not tolerate bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, or other hate-based chat, spam, or advertising or self-promotion.

Register for the Hackathon

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