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A unique holistic experience that combines mindshifting talks, collaborative ideation, and experiential elements that let you reset and realign yourself with some of the most creative and progressive currents from technology, culture, and wider society.

The Streams

Conference and Hackathon will be organised around 5 streams, each focussing on one area of current challenges and opportunities: Life, City, Economy, Education and Culture.


This stream will work on solutions and perspectives for a broader view of life on Earth that includes mental & physical health, ethics, mindfulness, biotech, agritech, human trafficking and domestic violence and medtech, circular and local economies, food, water, sustainability, global migration, agritech, and global (big) data.


Cities are the pulsating centres of global life in the 21st century. This stream looks at everything to do with urban development, mobility, the impact of the economic crisis on cities, sustainable living, renewable energies, and Smart Cities. 


Unemployment has increased to historical levels overnight, while how we connect, communicate, and govern our societies is changing. This stream will look at Work 4.0, collaboration, decentralised standards, as well as governance, regulation, UBI, RegTech, LegalTech.


The education sector is going through massive and unprecedented disruptions. Triggered by the crisis and our shift to virtual models of instruction, a marked acceleration of digital transformation is now notable in the entire sector. Topics such as AI-assisted learning, blockchain for credentialing, Smart Campus, virtual learning environments, VR/AR in education, and the future of the university system will be explored.


Much of our lives now takes place within social, digital, and virtual media. With digital native generations now coming of age, the new decade is bound to see completely new forms of arts, aesthetics and popular culture emerge. This stream will look at topics like AI in art, AR/VR art, gaming, digital assets in games and artworks, and the future of arts and entertainment.

Event Agenda

Learn with industry leaders, mentors, workshop leaders, speakers and more at 1society one week online event. Here’s a view of what it will look like. Keep an eye out for the event’s workshop lineup and program. 

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