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It’s time for a new future…

  • One where we embrace as sentient beings, our duty to contribute towards the prosperous and healthy unfolding of all life on Earth and to act as caretakers to the well-being of the planetary community and the environment that sustains it.
  • One in which we value access and inclusion for all, balancing genders, social standings, races, backgrounds, and orientations, to create ventures and social systems that are diverse, participatory, and open access.
  • One that we emphasise as circular, sustainable, where business models thrive in chaos and remain dynamic, agile, and fluid by design.
  • One where we prioritise value co-creation over value extraction, and are always opting for non zero-sum ecosystems where all stakeholders benefit from a bigger pie.
  • One where we deploy crowd-driven innovation, pool resources, share access, and generate collective intelligence wherever possible, to facilitate participation of all stakeholders in decision making and ownership.


June 10th-12th (Conference) + June 13th-14th 2020
Let’s Converge Hearts and Minds for a New Future

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