The Online Festival to Converge Hearts and Minds for a New Future in 2020

Virtual Conference June 10th-11th


In times of Social Distancing, we are bringing Society together as 1.

We are gathering the brightest minds and most progressive voices from industry, technology, governance, health, and wider society for an online festival to collectively reset and give birth to mindsets and pathways that can take us beyond the great social, psychological, and economic challenges of our time. 

What To Expect



Training & Development



Why Attend?

1Society offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with world renowned international speakers and allows intimate interactions across a global network, enabling you to make new connections from all walks of life, and help shape the future.

This 2 day online event will mark a first in community-driven ideation with real-world impact. Designed to empower you to conquer the challenges ahead, whether you are:

    • -A business that needs to radically transform
    • -A start up looking to change the world and gain momentum
    • -A student eager to learn 
    • -An entrepreneur searching for insights into the new landscape of a post lockdown world
    • -An individual looking to discover more and team up with others to make a difference

From this event you will get to:

  • Discover a new perspective on opportunities during these challenging times.
  • Learn how to switch from survival mode to thriving.
  • Expand your network of like-minded and inspiring individuals.
  • Do something positive, contribute through thought exchanges.
  • Find a renewed purpose and optimism by discovering infinite possibilities.
  • Develop a love for 1Society and 1Ness as a concept.
  • Be part of a community that’s shaping the world’s future.

The Speakers

There will be +100 speakers, mentors and coaches from distinguished backgrounds in industry, government, technology, academia and wider society. Find a small seletion of our speakers below (more are added regularly).


June 10th-11th 2020
Let’s Converge Hearts and Minds for a New Future

Why We Are Doing This

See our Lead Visioneer Dr Vijak Haddadi share the philosophy behind 1Society – an event designed to converge hearts and minds for a new future. To bring you 1Society, Syndikat, a new decentralised impact accelerator, and De:Days, Europe’s premier gathering for decentralised technologies, have teamed up together with a collective of volunteers and cocreators. Join the movement now!


We’re converging the brightest minds and most progressive voices from industry, technology, governance, health, and wider society over 3 days, to give birth to new mindsets and pathways.


Moving beyond the first level, immediate consequences the globe faces, to the longer term, more significant impacts and challenges brought about or exposed by COVID-19, the hackathon will mark a first in decentral and community-driven ideation and acceleration of solutions with real-world impact.


Throughout the festival there is tailored training and development from leaders around the globe. 1Society will provide opportunities for participants to learn, contribute and co-create.

Collective Intelligence

The festival will deploy crowd-driven innovation, pool resources, share access, and generate collective intelligence to facilitate the participation of all stakeholders and participants, and guide the hackathon. Everyone is invited to forge new partnerships, new solutions, create new ventures, and new ways of thinking.

“It’s clear we can’t continue with the profit at all costs model, profit over our planet and people. Nor continue to allow decisions that impact us globally be made by just a handful.”

Event Agenda

Learn alongside  industry leaders, mentors, workshop leaders, speakers and more throughout the 1Society one week online festival. Here’s a view of what to expect. Keep an eye out for the event’s workshop line up and programe.

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